Over the last 5 years I have tried every known ‘calmer’ going on my husbands extremely stressy mare. Nothing worked including the very expensive EquiFeast. Then I found Calming Bites and suddenly his dressage score went from a terrible 48 down to a fantastic 34. She also started jumping double clears whereas before she would duck out at fences. She is a completely changed horse with the Bites. We now have a lovely relaxed horse for just a few pence – Caroline Robinson


Can thoroughly recommend these. Jenny kindly sent me a two calmer bite sample pack for our horse. He is a lovely lad but does get ‘keen’ on grass when out hacking (the joys of an ex-racer). I was VERY sceptical about these and don’t mind admitting it. But, we were wanting to take our lad out and about and to just ‘damper’ that enthusiasm on grass. The first time I tried it, we gave it to him, he then had a good grooming and stood while we mucked out his stable (so a good 45 minutes) – the difference in him was AMAZING. My daughter was cantering across the open fields and he was coming back to her when asked and we had no silliness at all. They were out for over 2 hours and he was a total babe. He doesn’t need them for our short hacking routes, he doesn’t need anything for schooling, it’s just for when we’re longer hacking across the fields and these work a treat. So much so that he was able to go and enjoy the Cholsey Farm Ride last week, was out for 2 1/2 hours and enjoyed several gallops across the fields. I promptly ordered a tub of them and would recommend them – they don’t make them dopey, they are still as responsive, they simply help them concentrate more on what they are being asked for. – Jenny de Haan


Equine Science has helped my horses immeasurably. The staff are always friendly and helpful. The Stomach Function is One of the only reasonably priced treatments for ulcers and made a genuine and recognisable difference to two of my horses. While the muscle balance was unbelievable in muscling up a horse I have that really struggles to put on weight. – Miles O’Donnell


Amazing products, all natural ingredients and have seen improvements above and beyond what I thought!!! very friendly and helpful service highly recommend. – Beth Hobbs


Was looking for an alternative calmer for my 39 year old delinquent. Thought I’d give these a go, forgot about giving it the day before and on the day as it was a last minute decision to attempt a walk as hadn’t walked him in a number of weeks due to the hot weather, so weather/conditions permitted (all has to be taken into account before commencing lol) yesterday was the day. In his brain he thinks he is 3 !

Gave him a Calmer Bite and was counting down to take off, brought him out of his stable and was Mr super chilled had some grass took him further than I dared previously and he was brilliant no landing on top of me or me seeing his back heels in my face! I bought 10 initially as he is extremely fussy so will definitely be getting more ! – Clare Andrews


Amazing products! My horse has been having nutra pro after annular ligament surgery and yesterday just 9 weeks after surgery he was declared sound!!! The vets were shocked at how well he’s recovered as recovery from such injuries usually take months and the surgery in heavy horses like mine isn’t always successful furthermore there was no evidence of swelling or thickening around the site of the surgery. . 
Thank you Equine Science you gave me my horse back. – Mairead Martin


I tried the gastro Pro for my anxious incredibly sharp little man as I thought there was maybe an underlying reason why he was like it, being a rescue and knowing he had high worm burden I thought the obvious option was stomach.
Well gastro pro has helped with many issues it’s changed him from an “oh my god it’s going to kill me” panic horse to an ” oh look what’s that? Oh nothing bad” carry on wandering horse!
We did our first fun ride of the season last weekend after being on GP about two weeks… I got on from a mounting block (never happens at a fun ride), jumped everything Inc banners on jumps and mad coloured ones (never happens just stops) and galloped around no spooks! (certainly never ever happens). We also went to a venue for a lesson where we have been for years and every time we go in the arena he spins, naps, reverses for a good ten minutes but not this time just went round no trouble at all! Im not sure if he actually has ulcers or if it’s just settled his tummy a bit but my god it’s worked wonders he has gone from no one will get on him to a 9yr old having a ride! That’s says it all really! 😂 Highly recommend! – Angie Bradford


Thank you for having a product that has transformed my beloved horse Buddy. Having gone through colic surgery aged 5 due to gas build-up in his small intestine (He’s a wind sucker.!), he developed stomach ulcers which we treated with gastroguard and sucrulphate. Years on and he was still occasionally getting gas colic and looking bloated and lethargic, so I started to look for a solution. Had Gastro Pro for 2 months and he started feeling great and his wind sucking had all but stopped. He was a lot less bloated and has more energy. So, we put him on Gastro Pro Extend for a month and all was still great. I am about to put him on SFM Pro joint and calmer and fingers crossed the cross over will be equally as painless. Can’t recommend your products enough and will be continuing to add them to his feed for the future.- Laura Booth


Gastric Pro and calmer bites have been a game changer for my horse Hopscotch. He’s always been a bit wired, extremely unreasonable at times and very sensitive to any changes in routine or diet.
After cow kicking in his box and biting himself and trying to ram me into the wall in the arena. He would be pacing the fence or cantering about manically at 1pm wanting in to his stable. So I ordered calmer bites as an experiment. After a chat with Debbie we decided to try him on a month of Gastro Pro…..best decision ever. Granted it took a week to see the change but he’s been easier to handle, no cow kicking or biting. Just generally a more lovable boy. He now goes out at 8.30am and happily stays out grazing until 5pm. The calmer bites have allowed me to hack him out on his own! Which is a miracle. I’m now trying them for travelling so I’ll update my review in due course. But if you are hesitating over trying either product then please give them a go. Yes it’s expensive but it’s truly worth every penny . – Marissa Stephen


Calmer bites are fab. Used on my dressage horse to take the edge off on such a busy class/ venue and managed a 70% and a qualification.  Will be using more! – Robyn McCaskill


I rescued a Lusitano mare in 2015, although through careful feeding she gained weight, I knew she had an ulcer problem, I kept the ulcers tolerable with a treatment of aloe vera and honey, during the winter the frosty water became too much for her ulcers, she stopped drinking and as a result had an impaction colic, my vet recommended a course of Gastroguard, I was not convinced as I had witnessed the yoyo effect of antacid treatment in horses, in looking for an alternative and more permanent solution I found Equine Science’s Gastropro, she had the entire course of treatment, one month Gastropro, one month Gastropro Extend and is now on the Stomach Function Maintenance with extra calmer. She is truly a different horse, now finishes her feed and is content to be girthed, is working better and has gained weight. I am so impressed with this product and cannot recommend it highly enough. – Rebecca Jameson-Till