I rescued a Lusitano mare in 2015, although through careful feeding she gained weight, I knew she had an ulcer problem, I kept the ulcers tolerable with a treatment of aloe vera and honey, during the winter the frosty water became too much for her ulcers, she stopped drinking and as a result had an impaction colic, my vet recommended a course of Gastroguard, I was not convinced as I had witnessed the yoyo effect of antacid treatment in horses, in looking for an alternative and more permanent solution I found Equine Science’s Gastropro, she had the entire course of treatment, one month Gastropro, one month Gastropro Extend and is now on the Stomach Function Maintenance with extra calmer. She is truly a different horse, now finishes her feed and is content to be girthed, is working better and has gained weight. I am so impressed with this product and cannot recommend it highly enough. – Rebecca Jameson-Till