I tried the Equine Exceed Gastro for my anxious incredibly sharp little man as I thought there was maybe an underlying reason why he was like it, being a rescue and knowing he had high worm burden I thought the obvious option was stomach.
Well Equine Exceed Gastro has helped with many issues it’s changed him from an “oh my god it’s going to kill me” panic horse to an ” oh look what’s that? Oh nothing bad” carry on wandering horse!
We did our first fun ride of the season last weekend after being on Equine Exceed Gastro about two weeks… I got on from a mounting block (never happens at a fun ride), jumped everything Inc banners on jumps and mad coloured ones (never happens just stops) and galloped around no spooks! (certainly never ever happens). We also went to a venue for a lesson where we have been for years and every time we go in the arena he spins, naps, reverses for a good ten minutes but not this time just went round no trouble at all! Im not sure if he actually has ulcers or if it’s just settled his tummy a bit but my god it’s worked wonders he has gone from no one will get on him to a 9yr old having a ride! That’s says it all really! 😂 Highly recommend! – Angie Bradford