Can thoroughly recommend these. Jenny kindly sent me a two calmer bite sample pack for our horse. He is a lovely lad but does get ‘keen’ on grass when out hacking (the joys of an ex-racer). I was VERY sceptical about these and don’t mind admitting it. But, we were wanting to take our lad out and about and to just ‘damper’ that enthusiasm on grass. The first time I tried it, we gave it to him, he then had a good grooming and stood while we mucked out his stable (so a good 45 minutes) – the difference in him was AMAZING. My daughter was cantering across the open fields and he was coming back to her when asked and we had no silliness at all. They were out for over 2 hours and he was a total babe. He doesn’t need them for our short hacking routes, he doesn’t need anything for schooling, it’s just for when we’re longer hacking across the fields and these work a treat. So much so that he was able to go and enjoy the Cholsey Farm Ride last week, was out for 2 1/2 hours and enjoyed several gallops across the fields. I promptly ordered a tub of them and would recommend them – they don’t make them dopey, they are still as responsive, they simply help them concentrate more on what they are being asked for. – Jenny de Haan