Thank you for having a product that has transformed my beloved horse Buddy. Having gone through colic surgery aged 5 due to gas build-up in his small intestine (He’s a wind sucker.!), he developed stomach ulcers which we treated with gastroguard and sucrulphate. Years on and he was still occasionally getting gas colic and looking bloated and lethargic, so I started to look for a solution. Had Equine Exceed Gastro for 2 months and he started feeling great and his wind sucking had all but stopped. He was a lot less bloated and has more energy. So, we put him on Equine Exceed Gastro Extend for a month and all was still great. I am about to put him on SFM Pro joint and calmer and fingers crossed the cross over will be equally as painless. Can’t recommend your products enough and will be continuing to add them to his feed for the future.- Laura Booth