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Our carefully designed supplements supports the production of Nitric Oxide and work to deliver essential nutrients where the body is lacking most.

Several research studies indicate that an increase in the presence of Nitric Oxide is extremely beneficial to the natural healing process.

Our nutritional formulas are designed to target effective Nitric oxide production by utilising complimentary key vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids that are scientifically proven to have benefits to health and wellbeing.

These formulas will support optimum health, maintenance, competition and recovery for every type of horse and will deliver essential nutrients to all the areas your horse needs them most.

Using anti-oxidants to stabilise Nitric oxide the body creates a powerful bio transmitter that allows your horse to utilise the ingredients in a more effective way with surprising results.

Every product is FREE from restricted or forbidden ingredients making them completely ‘competition safe’.  They are made from raw self-preserving ingredients so they do not need any added sugars, preservatives, chemicals or fillers.

Sensitive Mare - Equine Exceed

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An effective supplement to help your mare through her hormonal cycles.
100% Natural Ingredients

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Ideal for horses during excitable or stressful situations such as clinics, competitions, clipping, hunting, box rest, loading, traveling, hacking as well as visits from the dentist and the farrier.


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