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Welcome to Equine Exceed

Equine Exceed provides quality supplements for your horse which are carefully formulated using fully traceable ingredients that adhere to the FEI Prohibited Substances List making them Competition Safe.

Offering a range of supplements through from Joint Supplements, Calmers to Gastric Digestion Programmes we provide supplements whether you require a daily maintenance supplement or a short term solution when dealing with more specific needs.

We offer a high level of customer service and can advise you through the process of finding the right supplement for your horse as an individual providing ongoing support when you need it the most.

Equine Exceed has thousands of satisfied customers that have full confidence in our supplements providing the essential and necessary active ingredients which are invaluable to their horse’s requirements.

equine exceed conforms to reduced waste

Quality supplements for every discipline.

Our horse supplements are made with natural ingredients and competition safe. We offer free tasters if you want to try before you buy.